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Thursday, 7 June 2007


Hi, I'm glad you've found the Positive Impact Living Lifeskills pages.

'Positive Impact Living' is the term I use to describe the practical methods we can use to collectively improve our lives. That means that if you implement the methods outlined in any one of my articles you will have a Positive Impact in your own life and in the lives of everyone around the world. Each of these methods doesn't just reduce the negative impact that our lifestyles have on the world but actual provides real positive energy in the form of activating your full potential; integrating renewable energy, and actively solving international issues like social and environmental degradation. This is a process and one that I am also participating in. I have a vast background of seeking out solutions that work and though I haven't implemented all of these methods I am doing so and sharing my progress as I develop this site - so we're in this together.

The PILLS pages provide articles on building your own renewable energy systems and related sustainable technology; a free online homestudy Bushcraft/Survival Course to complement actual workshops run by Survival Schools and other articles about personal development, fitness and health.You can either browse through all my articles or check out the categories.

The idea is that you leave this site with the inspiration and tools to carry out changes that will really help you. I appreciate and value all feedback and you can contact me at my e-mail:-

If you are inspired by this site you can make a donation

Thanks for coming and enjoy! Louise

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