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Thursday, 7 June 2007

About Me!

I'm an Advanced Survival Instructor trained at the Woodcraft
School, Writer and Blogger. I recently joined the Lloyd's Bank School of Social Entrepreneurs Program and was accepted after a lengthy application process. The training and grant money will help me to set up G-Force, a social enterprise which will carry out work building resilience through surveys, site based projects, workshops, homestudy courses and self-supporting expeditions that encourage disaster prevention and sustainably optimising how we meet our basic needs of Food, Water, Shelter and Energy.

 I am currently designing my new website and working on my book on Resilience Training which I hope to publish soon! And have somehow become a traditional, gluten free and vegan baker! I've been volunteering with the Paddington Farm Trust and hope to help out at Hallr Wood with Wilder
You can also find me on Twitter and join the recent Positive Impact Living Facebook Community

I am presently focused on finishing the 'Emergency Prevention Handbook' (working title) - tools for optimising our adaptive capacity to climate change and humanitarian disasters'. Simple solutions for personal and planetary crises.

I am also finishing some fictional manuscript. If you're an agent/publisher and are interested in contacting me. Please get in touch here:- louisembrookes at and I will send you

my proposals. Thanks.

'...She can motivate others just with the passion she has in her creative writing, speech and leadership. She synthesizes so many different aspects of society as a whole: global society, not just the society in which she exists. She sees the detrimental aspects of globalization, of the drive for oil and industrialization, and the rape of nations natural resources (from minerals in the earth to the humans and insects that live there). The thing is, when sitting around brainstorming about what to do and how to do something about all of this negativity happening in the world, she comes up with some AMAZING ideas. Not just flights of fancy, but really creative, pleasant, nurturing, healthy ways to make a community whole, and have it reach out to other communities with open arms, instead of with arms and ammunition. I think, given half a chance, she is going to make big changes in many many peoples lives. She has the courage to do it.' Dannyn Qualls-Peterson 'A Leg to Stand On'

Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland 95
Pigne d'Arolla, Switzerland 02
below & Alpine route planning.
Krakow teashop winter 07, and a spot of night cooking on year long NCFE Advanced Survival Course .

I've been an adventure sports instructor; teaching rock climbing, surfing, kayaking and abseiling. at Adventure International, Cornwall and Adventure Unlimited, Brighton. I've worked for some years as an apprentice of Tibetan Medicine at the Eden Medical Centre in London, learning and practising Herbal Medicine, Massage and Acupressure.

I attended the British Schools Exploring Society's Iceland expedition for several weeks when I was 16yrs old, with the British Schools Exploration Society and since then have gravitated towards Alpine Climbing - completing the Alpine Apprenticeship in Switzerland in '02 with the renowned Plas Y Brenin Mountain Outdoor Centre. I have a background in Ecological Living, staying at Sun Run Ecovillage Network of Canada in 1997  helping to set up a housing co-op and living in various fields (literally) implementing renewable energy, permaculture and living machines and planting a lot of trees.

When I was nine years old I had to attend a special school 'Pilgrims' because of crippling eczema and asthma, which I have overcome. I became a proficient climber, kayaker and dinghy sailor throughout my teens eventually joining the Navy Cadets at Brighton College.

I have also overcome M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I contracted age eighteen. With the help of Christopher Hansard and Stephanie Wright of the Eden Medical Centre, London and their expertise in Tibetan Medicine I was able to fully recover.

I have been a Sales Manager for a Magpie Recycling Box Scheme, lived at the Ecovillage HQ of Canada, and worked as a Product Advisor for Karrimor Adventure Stores in Soho. I was also a waitress and food bar manager when I was 15 and as a Country Park Warden apprentice here, sold karate lessons door-to-door, helped cater for 300 people on retreats in Dzogchen Beara, Ireland and in Summer 06 I travelled around Somerset with a horse and cart.

I followed that with grape picking in Provence with about twenty Moroccans, I believe I learnt more Arabic than French. I've also volunteered with a local veggie box scheme with Colette and Peter of Ashurst Organics been Press Officer for Oxfam, run workshops, organised conferences and spent a lot of time planting seeds and pulling leeks and carrots.

In '06 I went to Krakow, Poland and ate lots of pyrogi. I have worked in a stable near Bramley, England - looking after about forty hungry horses. Recently I have been helping out the Ripa European Centre and setting up an International Fund for Peace in the Middle East with which involved visting the Quai D'Orsay in Paris to discuss this strategy with MEP's and similar folk.

One of my dogs Murphy, (right pic - he's diabetic and needs an insulin shot everyday, and blind, but you'd never know because he sees with his nose) and Benson (left pic) who is currently tired out after a hard day at the office, he likes to eat oranges, walnuts, apple and things dogs shouldn't.

Getting a better perspective in the Swiss Alps, sunset where I used to live in France. I can currently be found in Glastonbury at the foot of the Tor.

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Please check out and have an amazing life. Thanks.

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